When Choosing From Types Of Locks

Locks play an important role in keeping homes, possessions and people safe from those that may have bad intentions, but they don’t always get the attention or the respect that they should get. Knowing more about locks is beyond simple curiosity since it can also affect things like safety and comfort. Knowing the different types of locks for your home is a good start and can even be of great help to you one day. Now, there are way too many types of locks in the world for you to pay attention to, so let’s just cover the two most basic examples:

  • Deadbolt
  • Entry Lockset

Most deadbolts that people know about are those sliding bars attached to the side of a door and a receiver on the surface of the frame or the wall. However, deadbolts actually pertain to any simple mechanism that involved a bar and a receiver. Deadbolt locks can be found outside and inside of doors, and they can be opened with or without the use of keys.

As for entry lockset systems, that’s basically what you get with your standard doorknob. An ingenious system of patterns determines the validity of a key once inserted (usually by matching the shapes of the teeth to the internal tiles), which then allows it to unlatch from the mechanisms that keep the doorknob from turning.

From these two basic categories, the different types of locks can then go down a road made up of different combinations of the two. The trick to choosing the type of lock that’s best for you is to know your house and your needs.

Then again, you could always turn to locksmiths for help since they pretty much have all of these things memorized. You wouldn’t have to confuse yourself with all of the nitty-gritty details.